Resources: Surveys and Papers

Research papers, surveys and statistics reports on open source software security are cropping up constantly. As we find those of interest, we’ll continue to build this list.

If you have a resource you would like to see listed, leave a link in the comments and we’ll take a look

Juniper Networks: 2013 Mobile Threat Report
In today’s mobile-dominated world, malware has emerged as a real and present danger to both the end user and the enterprise. In fact, over the last year the total amount of mobile malware grew 614 percent. It’s clear the threat of mobile malware is growing exponentially.

Mobile Threat Report - Growth

PaloAlto Networks: Application Usage and Threat Report
“The Application Usage and Threat Report is the first report of its kind to provide an analysis of enterprise application usage and the associated threat activity. The report summarizes real data collected from live worldwide traffic in: “

    • 3,000+ organizations
    • 1,395 applications
    • 12.6 petabytes of bandwidth
    • 5,307 unique threats
    • 264 million threat logs

PaloAlto - Snapshot

Check Point: 2013 Internet Security Report
“Based on research of nearly 900 companies and 120,000 hours of monitored traffic, the 2013 Check Point Security Report reveals major security risks organizations are exposed to on a daily basis. Most importantly, the report provides security recommendations on how to protect against these threats.”

CheckPoint - Snapshot

Aspect Security: 2013 Global AppSec Risk Report
“Insights extracted from thousands of application security risks carefully identified, analyzed, scored, and documented for clients with critical application portfolios. Aspect’s verification efforts are primarily manual code review and manual security testing, and our results shine a light on the dangers of relying on highly automated approaches to application security.

Aspect Security - Snapshot

Sonatype: Open Source Security Survey Report
“Once again, you’ve helped us make this year’s annual survey the largest of it’s kind. 3500 of you participated in the latest survey of developers using open source. Your enthusiasm accurately represents the use of open source software in the survey findings:An overwhelming 86 percent of you stated that your applications are at least 80 percent open source with the remaining 20 percent custom components and code.”

Sonatype - Snapshot

WhiteHat Security: Website Security Statistics Report
“WhiteHat Security’s Website Security Statistics Report provides a one-of-a-kind perspective on the state of website security and the issues that organizations must address in order to conduct business online safely.”

 WhiteHat - Snapshot


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