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Lawrence Pingree and I were having a discussion in the press room at RSA Conference 2016. We talked about his work with Gartner, analyzing deception as part of cybersecurity. His voice was so passionate, I just had to turn on the recorder. I haven’t heard many people talking about this subject, but it’s intriguing to think about… more than honeypots, true deception. Have a listen.

About Lawrence Pingree

Lawrence Pingree has been an active member of the Information Security industry for many years. He has consulted for large financial institutions, corporations and government entities on technologies ranging from firewalls, intrusion detection, networks, system penetration, risk management, compliance, eDiscovery and Forensics.

He has served as a Chief Security Architect at both Peoplesoft and Netscreen. He is currently an active member of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) of Silicon Valley as well as the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and is a published author of two books.

Lawrence is a founding board member of the Digital Forensics Association where he is serving as Vice President. In his spare time enjoys trading money on the foreign currency market, hiking, nature and performance cars.