3300 people responded to the 4th Annual Open Source and Application Security Survey. It’s time to see the results of that survey:

  • 56% have an open source policy (up from 43% last year)
  • Component feature, licensing and security information were deemed most helpful by developers when selecting components
  • 83% source their components from the (Maven) Central Repository
  • 47% don’t actively monitor for changes in security data

To see the results of the survey and hear analysis from Adrian Lane, Analyst/CTO, Securosis and Brian Fox, VP of Product Management, Sonatype, in the live-online broadcast,  Wednesday June 18, at 1:00pm ET. Adrian will present the AppSec perspective, while Brian will address the Development perspective.

For updated info, check out the survey site and update your calendar. This one is going to be good.  The survey was taken right in the midst of the Heartbleed announcement.  This represents the best perspective on the state of open source development and security at the time of Heartbleed

2014 Survey Results