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In this segment, Space and I talk about Symantec’s announcement that anti-virus software is dead, and then we switch to the known vulnerability risks in some open source components.

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Resources for this segment:
CSO: Symantec develops new business strategy, says AV is dead
4 Open Source Components You Need to Update Right Now

About Space Rogue

Over twenty years in the security industry and a proven ability to use Open Source Intelligence to link disparate events, read between the lines and distill complex technical information into easy to understand and actionable intelligence. Skilled at utilizing social and traditional media to communicate with a wide and varied audience.

Widely sought after for unique views and perceptions of the security industry, I have testified before the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs and have been quoted in numerous media outlets from Austrian TV to MTV and from Wired to MSNBC. I have spoke on a wide range of topics in front of audiences at OWASP, ISACA, Blackhat, Defcon, BSides, HOPE, Shmoocon, and others.

An early member of the security research think tank known as L0pht Heavy Industries I helped co-found the Internet security consultancy @Stake. While at L0pht Heavy Industries I created the widely popular Hacker News Network, which, not once but twice, became a major resource on the Internet for information security news.