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Allison Miller caught my attention at the end of her session at 2014 Source Boston when she ‘Risk Rolled’ the audience and had them sing along with a talking head embedded in her presentation. I knew immediately this was someone I wanted to talk with and get to know.

Allison is the President of the Society of Information Risk Analysts, a relatively new organization that is an interest group for practitioners of information risk management. We talked about the mission of the group and why people would want to participate in a risk based approach to solving problems. Have a listen…

Listen to the full interview with Allison Miller

About Allison Miller
Allison Miller (@selenakyle) is Senior Director of Operations at Electronic Arts, where she oversees the business operations of EA’s cross-company digital platform.Allison has over 10 years of experience in designing, building and deploying real-time threat detection and prevention systems. Miller is active in the security community and presents research on fraud prevention and account security issues regularly to both industry and government audiences, including the ITWeb Security Summit, Black Hat Briefings, SOURCE Conferences (Boston, Barcelona, Seattle, Dublin), Nordic Security Conference, BruCon, USENIX/Metricon, and RSA. Prior to joining EA, Miller led Tagged’s Security & Risk Management team, managed PayPal’s Account Risk & Security team and was Director of Product / Technology Risk at Visa International.

She is currently the president of the Society of Information Risk Analysts (SIRA).