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Source Boston 2014For three days this week I am at the SOURCE Conference in Boston covering the sessions, meeting with the vendors and most importantly talking with people in the hallways about what they are working on.

I just had an interesting discussion with Melissa Elliot, who is tracking how much data is leaking out of Yahoo on the open WiFi here at the conference. She’s agreed to an audio interview later today, so you’ll want to listen in on that one.

Keynotes at the conference include:

  • Bruce Schneier
  • Justine Aitel
  • Dr. Andrea M. Matwyshyn

Of special interest to me is the “Wait wait, don’t pwn me!” session moderated by with boB Rudis (and yes, before you ask, that’s boB, with a lower case ‘b’). I’m sure there’s much more to come.

UPDATE: I just spoke with Melissa Elliot, @0xabad1dea, from VeraCode, on the HeartBleed attack on Yahoo. Audio interview will be up within the hour.