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2014 RSA Conference Press BadgeI  like the simple messages these two companies are putting out at the 2014 RSA Conference. Don’t make me think. Don’t make me read. Just let me know what you do and if I need it, I’ll come right over. Nice messaging work by Klocwork, and Garner Products, Inc,

Any question about what Klocwork does? I didn’t think so. I’ll be talking to this team later today.


Garner Products, Inc is a little geeky, nothing sexy, but a clean, simple message that will immediately get your attention when it’s time.

Garner Products Inc

Simple and clear from both of these companies. Granted, the concepts they are trying to get across are simple, but isn’t that the point? Ok, enough of the “messaging” soapbox. I’m back in the hunt for new ideas and companies.