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“Increasingly, we’re putting our lives on the line in software driven devices.From an industry perspective, we’ve got to start thinking about how we update these devices over time.” — Wayne Jackson

I have been working with Sonatype as a community advocate for a while, but never had a chance to catch up with Wayne Jackson until now. My main objective was to ask him the things I want to know about the company, what the security market looks like to him as the CEO and how he intends to guide the company in the future. We start the conversation with defining what, exactly, does the CEO of a software security company do.

Listen to the full interview with Wayne Jackson

“Ultimately the only way we are going to solve security issues in the cyber realm is to make better software.” — Wayne Jackson

Highlights of our discussion

    • 00:48 What does the CEO of a software security company do
    • 01:07 Why the career transition to software security
    • 02:08 Personal realization of magnitude of software vulnerabilities
    • 02:53 Market differentiation with component security vs code security
    • 04:13 Managing the Central Repository
    • 06:05 Software is everywhere, it’s taking over everything
    • 07:11 Choices in managing software security
    • 07:50 Security is an industry problem, not just a software problem
    • 08:30 Create a better ecosystem for security software with community best practices
    • 09:25 Move beyond known vulnerabilities in single components