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“90% of development today uses a lego block construction technique of taking parts and assembling the parts in a way that makes them creatively responsive to a specific need or function.” — Jim Routh

In Part 02 of our talk with Jim Routh, Jim talks about the history of components, the original idea behind a component repository and where we are today. His observation that GitHub has become the defacto location for mobile developers is an interesting one, but it still begs the question: Who is going to vet the components?

Listing to the InterviewJim Routh – Components and Reusability

“There are very few techniques of verifying or validating the quality of a component. In some cases the ownership of the component is an issue that has to be identified, and in most cases the security vulnerabilities embedded in the component aren’t always identified. – Jim Routh”

Highlights of the Discussion
00:05 Components and reusability through universal repositories
07:20 Who will vet the components in a universal repository
08:37 Repository of choice for mobile developers
11:12 The mobile phone as a primary computing device

About Jim Routh
Jim Routh is the Chief Information Security Officer and leads the Global Information Security function for Aetna. He is the Chairman of the FS-ISAC Products & Services Committee and former board member. He is currently a board member of the National Health-ISAC. He was formerly the Global Head of Application & Mobile Security for JP Morgan Chase. Prior to that he was the CISO for KPMG, DTCC and American Express and has over 20 years of experience in information technology and information security as a practitioner, management consultant and leader of technology, analytic and information security functions for global financial service firms.

Jim is the winner of the 2009 BITS Leadership Award for outstanding leadership of the Supply Chain Working Group sponsored by the financial industry in collaboration with NIST and the Department of Treasury. He was the 2007 Information Security Executive of the Year for the Northeast and is a widely recognized expert in security program implementation. Jim was successful in reducing information security costs while significantly improving enterprise risk management practices through innovation and transformational leadership.