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DefCon 20th AnniversaryAfter being involved in communities and community development over the years, it is interesting to watch the trajectory of these movements and see how they compare to the growth and decay of other movements.

In this fascinating video documenting the beginnings of DefCon up to it’s 20 year celebration in 2012, we hear how things began organically, moving through a slow phase of recognition, up through exponential growth, leading to unbridled fanaticism in the youngest generation of converts.

How does this compare to Burning Man? What about Comic Con? How does it compare to other industry ‘outlier’ communities that become more mainstream as newer generations pick up the banner? Where does the current DevOpsDays Movement and SharePoint Saturdays fit?

In future articles, I’ll do a comparison to see if there are macro-patterns that can be found within all of these movements, but for now, enjoy this video. I couldn’t turn it off.