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“Your infrastructure choices are the most important factors in your ultimate application security yield. You may be doomed before you even try to do any operational security.” — Joshua Corman

The “Internet of Things” is of extreme concern now that virtually every device on earth is getting wired. What are the implications? In this wide ranging discussion, I talk with Joshua Corman about his project, the “Rugged Manifesto”, and upping the ante on application security.

“Developers are incented to cause change. They get bonuses when they cause and ship code. Ops people tend to be incented and bonused on keeping systems stable, which, if you really pull the thread on that, is preventing change. In some ways, they (Dev and Ops) are natural, mortal enemies.” — Joshua Corman

Listen to the Interview: The Internet of “Things”. What are the implications?

Highlights of our discussion
00:05 The history of the “Rugged Manifesto”
07:07 Who is part of the Rugged Movement
09:26 The patterns within DevOps
12:37 OWASP Top 10 – Go deep vs Go Long
16:40 A different approach to the OWASP Top 10
17:57 The most important factors in your ultimate application security yield
20:08 The problem with the “Internet of Things”
21:35 The agenda at Derby Con in Kentucky, September 2013

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Rugged Software Manifesto

About Joshua Corman
Hired to build and run a new team for Akamai called Security Intelligence – reporting to the CSO. Team will do research, analysis, thought leadership, work closely with high risk organizations and drive actionable intelligence into the public sector, government, and critical infrastructure. With almost a third of internet flowing through us, we intend to drive asymmetric gains to security – at a time when it is most needed.