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DevOps Action Plan“High performing organizations share two practices: 89% have version control for infrastructure management and 82% use automated code deployment.” — 2013 State of DevOps Report

As the concept of DevOps continues to gain traction at the enterprise level, it’s interesting to observe how the transition in the culture affects the working relationship between developers and operations. With over 4000 respondents, this report from Puppet Labs can be used as a roadmap to begin the discussion within your company on how, and why, to start implementing DevOps practices and methodology.

“High-performing orgs deploy code 30 times faster with 50 percent fewer failures.” With results like that, verified through such a large survey, it’s hard to have an argument against moving towards DevOps. Take a look.

2013 State of Devops Infographic | Puppet LabsĀ 2013 State of Devops Infographic