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I have become infatuated with the concept of “DevOps” as a new position, acting as a liaison between developers and operations. I had a discussion with Ryan Berg last week about where the idea of DevOps came from and how it will transform the software development process in the coming years.

Listen to the Interview: Ryan Berg – The Case for DevOps

Ryan helped me understand the connection between developers and operations:

“The notion of DevOps is the realization that the development process doesn’t end in development. We can’t disconnect the operations piece of software (development) from those other phases of development. I think DevOps is a natural evolution in understanding that we need feedback loops to occur with rapid ability to change and adjust. We can’t just contain that in development, it has to include operations.”

Interview Highlights
00:05 Where did the position of DevOp come from
03:31 How to find a DevOp
05:31 What is the purpose of a DevOp
07:01 Education vs experience
08:14 A future vision for DevOps
12:20 Software vendors and the future development environment
15:55 The struggle and difficulty of moving forward

About Ryan Berg
Ryan is the Chief Security Officer at Sonatype. Before joining Sonatype, Ryan was a co-founder and chief scientist for Ounce Labs which was acquired by IBM in 2009. Ryan holds multiple patents and is a popular speaker, instructor and author, in the fields of security, risk management, and secure application development.

Prior to Ounce Labs, Ryan co-founded Qiave Technologies, a pioneer in kernel-level security, which later sold to WatchGuard Technologies in 2000. In the late 1990′s, Ryan also designed and developed the infrastructure for GTE Internetworking/Genuity’s appliance-based managed security services.