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Juniper Networks recently released its annual “Mobile Threats Report” and has exposed some pretty eyebrow raising statistics. Take a look at this one, for instance:

Mobile Threat Report - Growth

The growth of Android phones in the marketplace has triggered a huge upward curve in creation and deployment of malware, with Android being responsible for 92% of all known mobile malware. This isn’t a statement against Android, it is proof of their dominance in the market, with over 67% marketshare.

The most prevalent attack, accounting for 48% of the treats, is through SMS messages planting a trojan on the device . Between fake installs, SMS trojans and trojan spyware, 96% of the threats can be accounted for.

Mobile Threat Report - SMS Trojans

What’s a consumer to do? According to the study, 77% of Android threats could be eliminated just by upgrading to the latest OS.

Get a full copy of the Juniper Networks Third Annual Mobile Reports Threat and then take a couple minute to update your OS.

Juniper Networks Mobile Threat Report