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You might know Brian Chess as the Founder / Chief Scientist of Fortify Software. He is now working with NetSuite as the VP of Infrastructure and Security Engineering. I was able to catch up with Brian last week for a broad discussion, ranging from government monitoring of big data sources to the role of DevOps in the new enterprise application environment. With all the front page news on the NSA leaks, IRS targeting and other forms of government monitoring, we had plenty of fodder to choose from.

Listen to the Interview: Brian Chess – Software Security, Government Monitoring and the Role of DevOps

Highlights of the Discussion
00:05 What Brian is working on
02:25 Security and government intrusion in the cloud
04:09 Generational differences in security perception
06:42 The connection between government and big data
08:22 Security and regulation
10:15 Open source in the cloud
11:45 The future of software development: span the old world and the new
13:30 The role of the DevOp in the modern enterprise

About Brian Chess
Brian has spent a few decades working in Silicon Valley. He’s started a few companies, written a book, some papers, and a bunch of patents. He holds a Ph.D. in computer engineering from the University of California at Santa Cruz, where he studied the application of static analysis to the problem of finding security-relevant defects in source code. He’s worked on a broad set of topics, including integrated circuit design, cloud-based business applications, and enterprise security.

Specialties: computer security, program analysis, growing young software companies