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I had a fun chat with Heather Meeker earlier this week. Heather is an expert in open source licensing strategies, including technology and intellectual property licensing rights. Part of the conversation diverges into a discussion of the music scene in the Bay Area in the late 80s. It’s nice to step back and realize there are real people behind the faces in the application security industry. I hope you like this talk as much as I do.

Listen to the InterviewHeather Meeker – What’s going on with Open Source licensing?

Highlights of the Discussion
00:00 A Short History of Open Source Licensing
02:50 The Beginning of the Open Source Movement
03:55 A Brief Divergence: Music in th 1980s
05:25 Open Source Licensing Strategies
09:45 The Future of Open Source Licensing
10:55 Major Trend to Look for in the Coming Year: Automation

About Heather Meeker
My approach is to give practical, useful advice, informed by my prior experience as a software engineer and my music industry background. My practice has grown almost entirely by word of mouth, so feel free to call me with questions or for references.

Specialties:Technology and intellectual property licensing practice, particularly software. I am also an expert in open source licensing strategies.