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Yesterday I spoke with Matt Tesauro, Product Security Engineering Lead at RackSpace. Matt also participates in the open source community groups on OWASP. Our discussion centered around open source usage at RackSpace, specifically the OpenStack Project, and how Matt manages the engineering team. Along the way, we even got to talk a little about how MineCraft is a good analogy for component based applications. Have a listen.

Listen to the InterviewMatt Tesauro Interview – Product Security Engineering Lead at RackSpace

Highlights from the Interview

00:00 What’s going on with Rackspace and OpenStack
04:00 Components in OpenStack
05:15 Involvement with OWASP
OWASP Live CD, bundle application testing tools
OWASP Open Stack Security Project
OWASP Community Developer
8:20 Component management with open source
12:40 Good component practice, how do you fix problems that you find
14:40 Good component practice community on OWASP